Yet another pop memorabilia sale takes place today, guaranteed to bring at least a few anoraks to London's Hard Rock Cafe.

If you really can't resist owning a slice of rock 'n' roll history, then the Sotheby dudes might have something for you.

Highlights include a self portrait of John Lennon, said to be worth around pounds 25,000 and his "Instant Karma" lyrics, valued at pounds 15,000. Also up for grabs, for those ironic ephemeral-loving types out there, are the five skimpy outfits worn at the Channel 5 launch by the Spice Girls.

Hard Rock Cafe, London W1 (0171-493 8080)

Talking of the skimpily dressed... artist Howard Tangye opens his first exhibition Body Line today.

He uses a selection of waif-like male models, guaranteed to set a few hearts racing, in his mixed media portraits.

Adonis Art SW10 (0171-460 3888)

Billed as the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of its kind, A Century of European Prints is an ambitious project set in six galleries all within walking distance. It starts with work dating from 1890 and includes works by Picasso, Auerbach, Hockney, Sickert and Moore.

Info: 0171-629 5116

Down at the 59 Club you can Tease, thanks to pacey garage and house with Mr DJ of the Year Jason "the Master" Kaye and Stepper (New Sensation). Berkeley Square, W1 (0171-499 7850)