It's a safe bet that Tom Phillips: Drawing to a Conclusion will be less controversial than the Royal Academy's "Sensation" which he staunchly supported. Phillips' massive project of translating, illustrating and co-directing The Inferno for Channel 4 is traced in A Dante Diary. Recent drawings and collages, including a portrait of Salman Rushdie, will also be displayed.

Dulwich Picture Gallery, College Road, London. (0181-693 0923) pounds 3, pounds 1.50 concessions. To 18 Jan 1998

The National Gallery celebrates the 500th anniversary of Holbein's birth with a collection of paintings and rarely seen portraits including his most well known masterpiece in Making and Meaning - Holbein's `Ambassadors'. Its recent controversial restoration has revived debate about the exact nature of the painting. Ambassadors records the meeting of two officials at the coronation of Ann Boleyn and captures the religious and political intrigue of 16th century Europe.

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London. (0171-839 3321) To 1 Feb 1998. Free.

Or escape the peace and quiet of the art galleries with Asian Dub Foundation. Imagine inviting the Clash, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys to a party and you might come close to the fusion of sounds captured by these young rappers. The latest artists to emerge from the British/Asian front, ADF will force you to bin any preconceptions you might have harboured about Asian music.

The Wedgwood Rooms, Portsmouth, 8pm, pounds 5. Box office: 01705 863911.

If sparklers don't do it for you, why not light up your night with an evening of literary fireworks at the Richmond Book Festival? Australian author Kathy Lette has taken time off from adapting her Foetal Attraction for TV to showcase the lacerating wit which made Mad Cows a best-seller this summer. With her short-story collection Girls' Night Out also being filmed, tonight is a great chance to catch Lette before she goes supernova.

8pm, Yorke House, Richmond Road, London. Info: 0181-332 0534. Credit Card booking: 0181-891 7716