The Wilderness Medical Kit has been designed by a specialist travel doctor to meet the needs of both expedition team members and travellers to more remote areas. Compact and lightweight, it includes a solid range of first aid materials (sterilising kit, anti-infection creams, prescription only medicines and so on) but you'll need a note from your doctor to get your hands on one.

To buy: pounds 29.99 from BCB Ltd, Moorland Road, Cardiff, CF2 2YL (01222 464 464 or email: The company sends you a form which your GP must fill in before you order.


In many parts of the world, emergency medical equipment is not always sterilised and, especially with treatment involving stitches or injections, you can risk contracting Aids or Hepatitis B. This kit is designed to make sure that any medical treatment you may need can be carried out in both sterile and safe conditions.

To buy: pounds 9.99 from Safariquip, The Stones, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WX (01433 620320).


This kit comes in a lightweight, easy-to-carry pouch and contains all the basics that you'd need for a first-aid kit when away from home. Components include bandages, safety-pins, sterile swabs, antiseptic cream, water- treatment tablets and lipsalve, as well as sensible advice on first aid and other medical requirements, and also a list of optional extras.

To buy: pounds 14.99 from Safariquip, The Stones, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WX (01433 620320).