For anyone thinking of taking a trekking holiday this year, the ActivHeal blister dressing may be a useful addition to your first aid kit. The dressings are specially designed for those taking part in outdoor pursuits, thanks to extra cushioning and a flexibility that will allow them to follow the contours of your foot.

To buy: Packs of five (pounds 3.49) are available from independent chemists or from the manufacturer, Advanced Medical Supplies (01606 863500)


If you miss the smell of home-cooked food when you're travelling, Space NK stocks just the solution. The Philosophy "cook book" is eight bottles of all-in-one shower gel and shampoo that not only keep you clean, but also include a correlating recipe (from blueberry pie to fruit salad) on each bottle.

To buy: pounds 17 from Space NK. Call 0171-379 7030 for nearest store and mail order details


Those whose skin resembles the texture of a dried prune after time spent in foreign climes should try out Aramis's Sharp Shooter cream. The skin cream is designed for men and contains specific ingredients - including vitamins - to help remove dead skin and revitalise surviving skin cells while you sleep.

To buy: pounds 19.50 for 50ml from the Aramis counter at Harrods, 87-135, Brompton Road, London SW1 (0171-730 1234)