Fan Fact: Cockney rebel

Phil Daniels Currently starring in BBC1's `Holding On'
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His first public performance was at age 11, in a Pontin's holiday camp.

He was the cockney boy narrator on the title track of Blur's hit album Parklife.

In his last television series, Sunnyside Farm, he co-wrote and performed the theme song with Damon Albarn from Blur.

He is a protege of Anna Scher, the famous Islington stage school, known largely for giving a head start into television soaps.

A stout Chelsea fan, he says that he can't get cup final tickets because he used to write biased Chelsea match reports for the communist Morning Star.

He plays golf ("I want the world to know this").

His first television role was as a gnome in BBC's Falstaff. Yep, you noticed the similarities.

Toyah Wilcox said: "He's a jumped-up little t**t who's in it for the money." But after his success in Quadrophenia, he didn't follow fellow Brit Packers Gary Oldman and Tim Roth to Hollywood, but went off to play King Lear in Exeter for pounds 100 a week.