Alicia Silverstone of `Excess Baggage'

Early start: She was "spotted" at the age of six when her father sent photos of her posing in a bikini to agencies.

Legal separation: At 15, she filed for "legal emancipation" from her parents, allowing her to evade child labour laws and work the long hours needed to star in The Crush.

Rock babe: She came to notice among MTV viewers (aka the young set) when starring in a trio of Aerosmith videos that helped to revive the band's sagging fortunes.

Cashing in: After the success of Clueless, Columbia gave her creative control over her films and producing credits, making her youngest actress- producer in Hollywood history. Excess Baggage is the first film under this contract. She says she rewrote the script with co-star Benicio Del Toro to make the film darker and quirkier.

Looking good: She was number 70 in FMH magazine's 100 sexiest women last year.

Sex or chocolate: "I'd rather have a box of chocolates than sex, so long as they're Belgian chocolates."