Emma Thompson stars, alongside her mother, in Alan Rickman's `The Winter Guest' (general release from today).

Luvvie loony: During filming for The Winter Guest on a Scottish seaside resort Emma got so cold that she'd warm her boots in the microwave.

Alternative luvvie: Her comedy series inspired tabloids to call for an end to her "smug, self-regarding sketches" about sexism and semantics and "stick them up her baggy boiler suit".

Patron saint of luvvie: Emma and Kenneth Branagh were film's golden couple. In Much Ado About Nothing, the film of the Shakespeare play that Branagh directed and starred in with his wife, their names were Blessed and She Who Blesses.

Media slight: Emma has said: "I have a rather strange, familiar relationship with the press in England. They're like very, very grumpy parents."

Media hype: She blatantly emulated her estranged husband Branagh's famous role in Henry V for a magazine photo-session. You could be forgiven for thinking that the emphasis might have been on the "V".

Media woops: Emma is forever putting her foot in her mouth. A typical comment over Hugh Grant's LA unconfidential incident was: "It seems to me a perfectly reasonable experiment in human behaviour."

Sexy Emma: She claims that a lot of women would be attracted to her. She has described kissing Michelle Pfeiffer as "delicious" but says, "I think because of my masculine side, I would put myself with someone very feminine, overtly feminine". Admittedly, Mr Branagh could have done with a haircut.

Sexual whoops: During an interview with Paula Yates on Channel 4's Big Breakfast she said: "I grew up in a pre-Aids era so I had the great fortune of being able to sleep with everyone before I got married." It appears that she knows when the HIV disease began, which is more than scientists do.

She also claims to have been very sexually active since the age of 15, but she has also declared that she could hold a press conference to announce her celibacy.

Oscars: Yes. But she keeps it in her downstairs loo, apparently.

Latest writing project: A biopic of the Chilean revolutionary singer-songwriter Victor Jara, who was killed by Pinochet's military police in 1973. Next film: Primary Colors, in which she plays the thinly disguised Hillary Clinton character alongside John Travolta's Bill.