Personal Investment.

Kevin Costner invested $13m of his own money to salvage Waterworld. His latest film, Postman, cost a paltry $100m, with Costner investing himself this time as actor, director, producer and even singer. However, Costner does claim pounds 20m per film.

Love Thy Neighbour.

Nicknamed the Tsar Next Door, Kevin Costner is notorious for bust-ups with close friends. As for his wife, she withstood three affairs, until a Hawaiian hula dancer got her knickers into enough of a spin to make the final break for divorce.

It's A Family Affair.

He never mentioned his family until the divorce. Since then, he has taken the Clinton route, broken down on national television about his divorce, and brought his three children into the limelight with minor parts in the Postman.

An affair to remember.

Costner's Dances With Wolves won 7 Academy Awards in 1990.

Legal affairs.

Many women's fantasy, perhaps, but Costner was not able to accept a completely fictitious personae. He recently sued Hello! magazine for publicising an allegedly made-up interview with him.


Kevin Costner has received more accolades than red bank statements, but for his looks rather than his acting ability. Oliver Stone said, "you just want to go to bed with him".

Public moments.

Costner let his "family man" image slip by referring to women as "sluts" in defence of his affairs. But the hard language belied his soft heart. He said that it was a term of endearment.