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I HATE TO say I told you so, but I really wasn't surprised to see dishy David Beckham in his sarong the other week, he obviously reads my column and took my advice that every man worth his salt this summer should be wearing one. I don't really want to say too much about football, as it's driving me a little insane already, but I must tell you about a very attractive PR friend of mine who had the pleasure of fitting the England football squad with CK sunglasses (seen on Paul Ince, above). Yes, it's a dream job, PR, if you have the right clients. Unfortunately, she's not au fait with their names so, being a true professional, on the way to a secret location in Bucks she bought a footy mag and memorised them. Still, it didn't make much of a difference: as her flirty mood kicked in she became more familiar with their thighs than their faces, accidentally dropping the specs on the floor so it was possible to get a closer look. Never trust a PR girl with a football team, that's what I say. I'm just peeved that I didn't get an invitation!

Since Madonna wore her hair loose and curly in her latest video, hairdressers have gone curl crazy. This makes me, a rather fuzzy-haired person, very happy indeed. In the past I've tried in vain to achieve a completely unrealistic sleek, straight bob, the outcome being more like Bonnie Langford on a bad day (still, I don't remember her having a good one, to be honest). If, on the other hand you want to create curls or waves, then apparently the answer lies in the old fashioned tong technique, according to the Neville salon on Pont Street, Belgravia (0171 235 3654). Problem is, this will of course only last until the next wash, so it's best left for that special occasion. Whilst we're on the subject of hair, that hunk of a hairdresser Nicky Clarke has given his sports range of hair products a boost with new snazzy orange packaging with pop top and saucy new ad campaign. Ideal for those of you who lead busy lives and spill things easily. From pounds 2.99, available from Superdrug nationwide.

Received an invitation from a charming young man to go and see the musical Rent at the weekend (he's future husband material, but I'm not counting my chickens). I've never really been a great lover of musicals, I think it has something to do with the many dancing competitions I had to attend when I was a child and the most awful memory I have of my failed attempt to win the lead role in the musical Annie aged 11. I'll never forget it. Anyway enough of my precocious childhood. Rent is a modern day La Boheme, which deals with Aids, drug abuse and homelessness. The actors have voices that will make you want to weep - I admittedly shed the odd tear. So if you're after a good night out and fancy a musical, I strongly recommend you see it.

June, in case you didn't know, happens to be Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month. Research shows that 80 per cent of men know little or nothing about male cancers. So to raise awareness and money, Everyman has asked various designers, including Katharine Hamnett, John Rocha, celebrities Joanna Lumley and Paul Gascoigne, to create underwear which will be auctioned at the Broadgate centre on Friday 19 June, starting 1.15pm. Models from Select will be wearing the designs (above) and money raised will go towards the UK's first dedicated male cancer research centre.

Take note - Evisu, the sooo cool Japanese label famous for introducing the turn-up is now being worn by chart topping girlie pop sensation B*witched (very original). Is this not a reason to disregard them altogether?