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Jigsaw gets it right yet again. Not content with having 13 stores and another due to open in Glasgow in September, design director Chris Bailey has launched a new label entitled Bailey (very original) to be sold exclusively from J stores. The collection aims to offer simple, classic clothing with a relaxed luxury feel for the designer end of the market with comfortable, quality suiting, duffel coats, essential cashmere and angora knits. Available September. Shop until you drop.


I'm now completely over my depression, having spent 13 out of 14 nights out on the town. Men's fashion week certainly attracted the celebs; well, Jon Bon Jovi. Never mind, it didn't stop me doing my best Number One fan routine. He's not my kind of guy, but my flatmate is infatuated with him; so being competitive friend and all, I went into complete I-can-chat- with-famous-rock-star mode (even if he is only 5' 2" and wears leather trousers). So I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned and fell into my arms - not. He looked at me like I was some freak of nature, at which point I offered my hand for him to shake. He obliged, then gave my friend a drop-dead gorgeous smile and disappeared before my very eyes. Some you win, some you lose.


Bitching isn't really my style (honest!) but I can't help but mention Barbra Streisand and her recent wedding photos in Hello! (Or was it OK!?) Anyway, Babs really is a beautiful lady but her Donna Karan dress (gorgeous though it was) didn't exactly do her any favours with all that cleavage pushed up around her neck. I'm sure Barbra went to great lengths to ensure the pics were perfect, but she must have overlooked the shot where her eyes are completely crossed. Speaking of middle aged American women, I spotted an incredibly tall woman wearing the widest shoulder pads and huge painted lips in Covent Garden the other day. She looked terribly familiar and then came to me like a pair of shoes from Prada (ie. slowly and painfully). `Twas Linda Grey - alias Sue Ellen from Dallas. Had to ask her; who did shoot JR?


It dawned on me just this weekend, while suffering from a huge hangover, that I haven't so much as mentioned sunglasses this year. So here goes. Serengeti sunglasses (I've never heard of them before either) have photochromic lenses (available with prescription lenses) and are designed for driving (worn by the Jordan Grand Prix motor racing team) or simply relaxing in the sun. Styles are high fashion aviator, oval or classic. Available nationwide. Enquiries: 01452 318116


Gary Wright & Sheila Teague have just opened their own store at 1a Grafton Street, London,W1. As well as stocking their silver and 18ct gold range, W&T will also sell antique jewellery and unique objets d'art. Tel 0171 629 2777.


Joseph has opened the Essential store at 315 Brompton Road, SW3. This includes every possible style of trouser, knit and top of the season. Look no further.