Bad news I'm afraid. the powers at be have decreed that, having found too many empty bottles of Stolli and Bollie underneath my desk, I deserve a well earned rest from my jet-set lifestyle. So before I check into the Betty Ford clinic, I bring you the latest in fashion news. I will however - under strict supervision, of course - continue to style our fantastic fashion pages.


Ever fancied a pair of shoes that will last a lifetime? Well one-stop city shop called A Stiff Drink and A Close Shave (this is the name, honestly!) is offering a bespoke shoe service to complement the three floors of men's fashion. Grenson, one of the oldest shoemakers in England, can make a pair of bespoke shoes in six to eight weeks. After initial measurements from which a personal cast is made, there's a fitting where you can have a mooch about in prototype for 15 minutes, after which they are sent back to be finished. Then wait patiently, and voila! A pair of shoes for pounds 700. Enquiries: 0171 247 0377.


This winter I'll be mostly wearing Hush Puppies. On my feet, if not my body. Yes, HP will be launching a collection of clothing for men and women this winter - simple urban streetwear and sportswear for the young and energetic. The extensive range of clothing includes knits, coats, tops, trousers in waterproof corduroy and Teflon-coated cotton, and the colours sound rather nice too: sagebrush, loden green and Chianti (God I'm desperate for a glass) all conjure up memories of how bleak winter really is. OOPS sorry... Anyway, Hush Puppies clothing is available from September at Selfridges. Enquiries: 0181 450 0075. Speaking of Selfridges, just in case you didn't know, Selfridges will be opening it's first store out of London next month at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. You lucky Mancunians.


Vivienne Westwood has finally launched her own perfume, Boudoir. Bottled in a curved cube of glass, complete with golden Orb (Vivienne's logo), the perfume is a combination of orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla. Can't say I'm too keen to be honest, but there you go. Anyway for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on a bottle, you'll have to wait until September 1st when it will be available exclusively at Harvey Nichols in London and Leeds. Parfum from pounds 30.


Spotted the gorgeous Gywneth Paltrow in Space NK stocking up on Benefit tint - the perfect cosmetic if you want that pinkie pinched effect on your cheeks and glow on your lips. Then in walked Matt Goss, the ex-Bros boy. He obviously likes to look after his finger tips, as he was after a white nail pencil. I do like a boy who's in touch with his feminine side - but there's a fine line to be drawn, of course.


Karrimor, the outdoor clothing/equipment label, has run into trouble with their latest ad campaign "Phone in Sick", aimed at those of us who dream of escaping our polluted cities. The campaign was due to run on the back of buses in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester and London. Alas, both Edinburgh and Nottingham bus companies have decided to ban the ads, perhaps fearing a mass exodus to Ben Nevis. Talk about the sense of humour failure. Go get a life.