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I'M BEING extra nice to you chaps this month. What with my suit story last week and now news hot off the press that Morgan - who up until now have produced only womenswear, - are to launch Morgan Homme this winter. Aren't you lucky guys! The collection includes knitwear, slick pinstripe suiting and classic car coats for that overall fashionable look. Essex girls rejoice, you and your boyfriend can now wear those matching pieces. Available from stockists nation-wide. Enquiries: 0171 383 2888.

Italian label Iceberg has launched a new fragrance for men and women (seems to be the in thing to do these days). Iceberg Universe, Homme and Femme, are separate fragrances "dedicated to the young and all those who think young". I'm not going to bore you with the smelly details, like how the top notes of honeysuckle combined with white peach make it smell almost edible, you will have to have a sniff and judge that for yourself. This perfume is a must-have for people who are into the bottle factor. The multi- faceted, clear glass bottle with its pale pink or blue contents and silver top is the main reason I would spend pounds 23 on this new smelly. Whatever turns you on. Available from major department stores from August.

Apparently, knee-high boots are still the "in" boot to wear this winter. (Thank goodness, that means I won't have to put my hand in my pocket and purchase yet another item of footwear, as us fashiony people have to wear the right thing at all times - if you believe that you'll believe anything.) Anyway the difference is in the heel. It must be thin and high, forget all these chunky monkey things that have made our feet look so unattractive over the past few years. I much prefer tottering to work, falling up the escalators and down the stairs, don't you? Anyway LK Bennet (0171 352 8066) have made a rather fab purple velvet pair that won't break the bank at pounds 169. Okay, so they're a tad expensivo, but I think they're worth it and what I say goes. Speaking of velvet, which seems to be the essential fabric for the autumn, Klan accessories have made a purple, yes purple again, (I thought it was last year's colour) Klutch bag at pounds 59.99. It's definitely the bag to have if you fancy vamping it up this autumn. Available from department stores.

Bjorn Borg, the Swedish accessories label, has signed Finnish violinist Linda Brava to model their Autumn/Winter underwear collection. Lovely Linda, who has already turned down parts in Baywatch (bet Pammy is pleased) and Melrose Place, is a babe to be reckoned with. Not only does she have an amazing figure and face, she is also a very talented young lady. Even old Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber invited her to play at a private festival at his home. I just bet you did, Andy! Anyway Bjorn Borg undies of cotton and micro-fibre are available from their store at 70 Sloane Street, London SW3, or mail order on 0171 581 0150.

Taking refuge from the rain on Saturday afternoon in a cafe down the Portobello Road, drinking vast amounts of tea, I realised my friend, Imogen, had fallen off her chair, because she'd spotted her heroine, Sixties rock chick Anita Pallenberg. I was then subjected to the life of Anita by my well-informed buddy, who has read every article and watched every film she has appeared in. I'm intrigued; what an amazing life. Starter for ten Imo, your chosen subject is AP.