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I'VE ALWAYS fancied a little body decoration but never really had the guts to go for a permanent tattoo. So I opted for one of those henna tattoos that last just a few weeks. OK, that's nothing new - you can buy the DIY packs everywhere - but seeing as I don't have a particularly steady hand I thought I'd best leave it up to the professionals. Halawa Henna (0800 7311160) in Camden market have trained artists that work all over the country, and their designs start from about pounds 4. I have a rather pretty weed-come-floral design growing up my ankle, the perfect place (not too Pamela Anderson or Spice Girl). The only drawback with the henna is that you're not supposed to get it wet for about 12 hours. Well I had a hot date so I couldn't possibly go out without having a bath. Ever tried manoeuvring yourself into a foam-filled tub while keeping one leg over the edge? As a result I put so much pressure on my wrist that I've sprained it and have since had to wear three layers of tubi-grip to ease the pain. Poor me.

So I'm seriously peeved; this tubi-grip thing is really spoiling my delicate summer look. That was until I noticed a feature in the latest issue of mens mag Arena, a fashion story titled "Life Support", based around clothes worn with bandages! How unique. I can rest easy with the knowledge that I am the epitome of cool.

Armed with my new fashion accessory I felt ready to hit the town. I'm tired of the Met Bar, it's too expensivo and to be honest I'm sick of mixing with supermodels and pop stars. Luckily a friend of mine took me to a rather nice bar called Sak in Soho. Its cool interior and adjoining restaurant is the perfect place to spend a mellow evening. I felt so at home there I got rather carried away and missed the opening of Juergen Teller's exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery, so I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it. I did, however, get to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Barbican which was interesting, except for the know-alls who wandered around shouting about their Warhol experiences. How dull.

So it's the height of summer but over the last week I've been to see numerous collections of shoes for next winter. Unfortunately it looks like the shoe of the season is going to be dead flat, pointed, with either a fine strap or piece of elastic across the foot. A sort of witchy style. These rather snazzy patent leather ones pictured are from Carvela and cost pounds 55.99 but unfortunately won't be available until September. If you want to be ahead of the game, pop along to Neal Street East or any one of those oriental shops and pick yourself up a pair of little velvet shoes at pounds 4.99. You can even embroider them with flowers and sequins if you fancy being a real girlie.

My spending is spiralling out of control and I fear it's going to get worse as my favourite New York store, Urban Outfitters, has opened at 36-38 Kensington High Street, London, W8. UO not only sells the best in up and coming men's and womenswear but also everything you need to spice up your home - funky shower curtains, candles and vintage furniture. There's also a music centre and coffee bar. Could we ask for more? Maybe - The Aveda Institute which has just opened at 28-29 Marylebone High Street, London, W1 is a complete lifestyle store. Separated into two areas, you can help yourself to all the wonderful skincare, hair and make-up products in the Self Select area and try before you buy in the Interactive area. Aveda will also be holding consumer workshops in haircare, facials, massage and make-up. Once you've treated yourself to all these divine products you can relax in the organic love cafe. Et voila.