I've been complaining all week that I haven't any perfume to wear. Then, suddenly, this snazzy package lands on my desk with a bottle of Hugo Woman inside. Hoorah! The new fragrance from Hugo Boss is a refreshing little number, which, like lots of other recently launched fragrances, is aimed at "women like us who go our way with an open mind". Well, as yet it hasn't stopped me following the sheep, doing what I'm told and keeping a closed mind, but perhaps if I use it for a few more days... Still smells nice, though. Eau de Toilette spray from pounds 25, plus shower gel and body lotion. Available from a prestige fragrance outlet near you.

Winter is coming and the goose is getting fat, so it's time to think about all the essential items you need to see you through the cold winter days and long winter nights. I, of course, need lots of things, like a new coat, as my current number has a massive ciggie burn on the shoulder, which isn't a good look. Then, I need a couple of little tops, maybe something in a nice, rich berry colour, and a pair of grey flannel trousers, I fancy a pair of wide slacks, but they're rather difficult to wear when you're 5ft 5in. So, I suppose I'll end up in Joseph as he still makes the best hipster trouser for me. Then I'll do lunch, drink a bottle of champers, get completely smashed and worry about all the money I have spent that I don't have. Then again, I could always get myself down to one of the Salvation Army shops, which have had a "make-over" to entice student shoppers living on a tight budget. They are offering a 12 per cent discount off clothes to all students, just pop along to any of their branches with your student id and apply. Charity shop-chic, right on. I've just remembered - I'm no longer a student, what a shame.

Soaking up the last of the British summertime on Hampstead Heath last week I spotted the luvvie, sorry, lovely Emma Thompson, no doubt taking some time out after finishing her new film The Winter Guest, directed by the incredibly sexy Alan Rickman. Thank God he wasn't with her, as I would have had the urge to throw myself at his feet and give my best Oscar performance. He, then, would have snapped me up to play the lead in his forthcoming film and Emma would have been most disappointed. Speaking of films, if you're feeling down in the dumps go and see The Full Monty: I haven't laughed so much in ages. Back to the gossip.

Spied stunning Liv Tyler in Browns the other week. She was having a good old spend up - one feels it may have been to deck herself out for the MTV awards, and why not. While bopping at Hanover Grand the other night, I spotted Hunter and Rhino from Gladiators. I've never seen muscles like it! Won't be going there again, it made my stomach turn, my feet buckled and I fell over my handbag.

PS - October is now well established as Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the pink ribbon as its symbol (available from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Prescriptives, Aramis and Origins counters in most department stores during October). The charity Breakthrough are also working with hip singers Shirley from Garbage, Kelli from Sneaker Pimps, Lisa Stansfield and Louise to launch a CD and range of T-shirts. The limited edition T-shirt has the Wicked Women logo and is available from high-street stores from pounds 9.99. Call 0171 557 6602 for stockists.