What's hot, what's cold, what's good, what's bad - Fashion Fandango brings you the latest from the glamorous (I think not) world of fashion
Ally Capellino has decided to open her flagship store in oh, so fashionable Brompton Cross, at the award-winning development at 66 Sloane Avenue, London SW3. Ally's "powerful modernist environment" is the perfect home for her "challenging fabrics and expert, organic cutting" - apparently. Another great name to add to your Saturday afternoon shopping list (0171 591 8200).

Found the perfect bikini for my hols but have realised that my backside looks bigger than I remember from when I last dared to bare it. So, to feel confident while doing my Baywatch bit, I've decided to purchase a sarong. Yes, gone are the days of shorts for me - too much hassle, pulling them over well-oiled legs to which the sand so conveniently sticks. Tie Rack has lots of colourful sarongs - floral, batik and animal prints - for pounds 9.99 at their 170 shops, including major airports. And they come with a leaflet on how to tie in various styles and how to protect your skin.

Why has Posh Spice Victoria taken to trotting through the streets of Hertfordshire in a little lacy number and Prada sandals? This sort of behaviour is usually left up to us Essex girls. Of course, her attire and presence earned her wolf whistles from Mr Builder-bum. In response, she teetered over and planted a huge smacker on him. I'm sure her mother wouldn't approve. Oh, and Geri, is it the Fifties' pin-up look you are trying to achieve or latter-day Diana Dors?

Trigger Happy, the groovy clubwear label for girls, has launched a mail-order mag for this season. "Euro Starlet" includes snazzy pieces such as boob-tube bikinis, towelling dresses, velour sports tops, hot pants and Hawaiian shirts. All under pounds 60. Enquiries: 0171 736 0732.

East-end designers Antoni and Alison have taken their inspiration directly from the shelves of Tesco this autumn. And why not? Their "Trendy Peas and Burgers" T-shirts have caused such a stir on the deli counter that Tesco (now setting its sights on the Milan catwalk, no doubt) invited A&A to be filmed in store for a cable TV fashion programme, Off The Peg. (Sadly, they didn't get to do a trolley dash.) Anyway, watch out, A&A are set to open their London store later this year.

Parachute silk, which was incredibly trendy when Katharine Hamnett introduced the flyaway fabric in her 1979 collection, is causing a stir again on the streets of Knightsbridge. Silk shorts, fatigue pants and fly suits have been snapped up by Bono, Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher. KH has now also introduced an exclusive line for us girlies. Just think Pats, you and Liam can wear matching outfits. Adds another dimension to wearing a shell-suit!

The Victoria & Albert Museum has got together with the Notting Hill Housing Trust for a new project, "Out Of The Closet, Into The V&A". Anyone donating a piece of designer clothing from 2 to 30 June will gain free entry to the V&A's exhibition "The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion". The clothes will be sold through the Trust's charity shops and money raised will provide accommodation for the homeless and services for the blind and elderly. So, donate a designer garment girls, now!

Not forgetting you chaps up north. Nicholas Deakins, those nice shoe people, have opened a shop in Liverpool (The Cavern Walks, 0151 227 1887), stocking their own label plus Hudson's and Jeffery West to name but a few. Rumour has it they will double the size of their Leeds store this year.