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Lots of events and parties happening already. I managed to drag myself along to the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards at the Business Design Centre. Here, 48 fashion-design students from all over the world showed two outfits each, on the theme of decadence. Most went completely overboard, as you do when you are a fash student, I suppose. However, Declan Kearney from Northern Ireland, whose designs were rather tame in comparison to some, won the pounds 10,000 prize and a place at St Martins. Voted for by designers Alexander McQueen, Antonio Berardi and Nicole Farhi - not forgetting the glamorous Caprice, but what would she know anyway? Unfortunately I found myself drifting off in the direction of Sam Fox, who had squeezed herself into a snakeskin jump-suit. The charming Chris Eubank caught my eye, but he seemed far more interested in his Louis Vuitton document case - obviously rushed straight from an important business meeting. Last but least, dear old Elo, who often pops up in my column - as he has a tendency to go to the opening of an envelope. Bless.

Selfridges threw a massive bash to celebrate the opening of the atrium (right), which looks incredible. Unfortunately I didn't make the party, which was apparently one of the best thrown this year. Five floors of entertainment, food, drink, dancing - fantastic! There were 900 people there and I hear many got up to very naughty antics, the most interesting of which are - sadly - unprintable. However, close-circuit TV is a very important part of retail life and I'm sure Jeremy Beadle would have a field day. You know who you are.

Last week, I was kindly escorted to the opening of yet another Jigsaw Menswear store, this time in Leeds. (I take back everything nasty I've ever said about Leeds - it looks fantastic from the gutter). The shop, at 59 Vicar Lane, is a two-storey building with the original period front, in keeping with McDonald's next door - sorry, with the unique Victorian charm of the area. The Leeds man does need a little help with his style, I feel, as I saw far too many shirts hanging out, which, let's face it, is rather naff. The champagne-soaked soiree at the shop, in conjunction with men's mag Esquire, was fun - the rest of the evening, I'm afraid to say, was a bit of a blur. My fondness for staggering and staring at pavements is on the increase. Thank goodness for the kind esquire who was very charming indeed and didn't mind sharing the experience with me.

Knickers - so you think your other half could do with some new ones, but don't know where to go to buy something sexy but not tacky schmacky. Well, any man worth his salt should definitely get his little old self down to the Agent Provocateur shop, or should I say boudoir, and purchase his loved one a leopard-print bra and briefs and a pair of marabou mules this Christmas. Or you can completely push the boat out and go for a black taffeta French maid outfit. Ooh la la. Just think, this ensemble could add a whole new dimension to serving the Christmas dinner this year. Agent Provocateur is at 205 Wardour Street, London W1 and now at 16 Pont Street, London SW3. Don't worry if you're not London bound, AP also have a mail- order service. Call 01483 204469 for a catalogue.

If underwear isn't going to work, then what about a little something for the wrist? G-Shock watches have launched the Lovers Collection. A limited-edition range of his 'n' hers watches that are only available together. The G-Shock and Baby G feature funky flashing backlights with romantic emblems from famous mythical stories. They can also store up to 20 sets of names and numbers - great if you're thinking about playing the field. Matching watches to compliment your matching anoraks - nice. From pounds 260.