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Looking for the perfect travel companion? Look no further. Even armchair travellers will want to possess the cabin bag by Bill Amberg (known in the industry as Mr Handbag because of his exquisite designs). The choice of the Suzuki Grand Prix motorcycle team, this most essential piece of hand luggage has covered more than 100,000 miles with those speed merchants, so it must be pretty hardwearing. Mr Amberg will be holding an in-store promotion of travel goods, including his BAN nylon range, from 16-29 June at 10 Chepstow Road, London W2.

Browns Focus - the hip youth label store in South Molton Street - teamed up with Trace magazine last week and threw a bash to celebrate the "Goldie" issue. The King of Jungle played all night, while guests - including my main man, crooner Maxwell, and photographer Corinne Day - were invited to have a go on a Zip portable scooter, this summer's coolest accessory.

I don't know. Hello! magazine just can't leave those Monaco princesses alone! Last week's issue featured extracts from the new book by Stephanie's ex-hubby, Daniel Ducruet. Poor Daniel. He talks of his disastrous affair with Fili Houteman. Well he was "manipulated and drugged" - I believe you, Daniel. Meanwhile, over the page, Caroline is pictured with new love Ernst, "Maintaining a low profile during their Paris outings". Well, hardly! I'm sure they would like to be, but it's pretty difficult when you are getting papped every five minutes.

Mr Impeccably Dressed, Ozwald Boateng, has decided that, after making a suit for Lisa Stansfield's appearance on TOTP, he will feature three women's suits in his next collection (don't kill yourself, Oz). He is, apparently, more than happy to design for us girls, so long as we have womanly, curvaceous bodies. Too right.

Forget all those hard-backed, glossy, fashion photography books that sit so nicely on your Mark Brazier Jones coffee table. The book that should be on every fashion groupie's shopping list is The Well Dressed Bear by Geraldine Thistlethwaite (pounds 14.99, Weidenfeld & Nicolson) - who has had the pleasure of making outfits for bears presented as first-night gifts to actors performing at the National Theatre. Ten original ideas on how to dress your teddy bear. Ah, bless. You see, I have so much time on my hands that when I have finished baking cakes and making jam, I usually sit by my open fire and think, "Now, shall I make my teddy a pair of dungarees and a shirt or a dressing gown and slippers!" Personally, I'd much rather my teddy go naked.

If you are a four-eyes person like me and have a few bob to spare (unlike me) on the perfect pair of glasses, well, you're in luck. Some clever chappie called Brice Maitre, who specialises in made-to-measure frames, commissioned four French artists to design the ultimate, hand- crafted spectacles which he then made up. Usually on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in Nice, France, the five designs are on show for a limited period in the UK at the Westminster Eyecare Centre, 6-8 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1. And if any take your fancy, they will make you a copy especially for you!

Princess Diana is causing a pavlova because of her pics in Vanity Fair. Photographed by Mario Testino - or Testerino as old Fiona on GMTV called him - as we have never seen her before, apparently. Oh, right, okay. She looks nice, of course, but I for one would prefer to see her photographed by Juergen Teller with major kohl around the eyes, lying on a sofa in some bedsit, with a radiator in the background. Wouldn't you?