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VIVIENNE Westwood (seen here with her husband Andreas) finally opened her long-awaited flagship store at 44 Conduit Street, London W1. A very chi chi, la la affair, attended by the likes of Rifat Ozbek and Mr Ozwald I-am-an-immaculate-dresser Boateng. The oh so pushy shovey paparazzi were out in full force and couldn't believe their luck when one of the guests decided to peel off his full-length Westwood coat to reveal a pair of discoloured M&S cotton underpants. Some people will do anything to have their picture taken with the lovely Vivienne, who, I must add, did the honours with charm and grace as always.

Talking of dressing down, I am today, actually, as I'm testing my new Friday bra by Warners. Straight from America - gee! sure! great! You may not know this, but it is customary in the States to dress down or wear casual clothes on a Friday and you must have the appropriate bra, otherwise the bloody world will end. No it won't, and if you're like me, you probably have difficulty finding any bra in the morning, let alone the appropriate one. So, if you fancy a seamless cotton and Lycra bra with support, this is the brassiere for you. It costs pounds 16, sizes 34B to 40D.

Entertained by teenage, camera-flashing Michael Jackson fans t'other week at the screening of his short film, Ghosts. What a pavlova it was. Sorry Michael - not that you will read this - but have we not seen it all before, my lovely? Anyway, I had fun staring at the same old celebrities who would attend the opening of an envelope if they could. This does not include Tamara Beckwith, of course, who is very choosy about which events she attends, making sure she is always accompanied by some dishy, dicky- bowed guy. Is it really necessary to wear such an outfit to this kind of affair. I think not. Fwah fwah, sweetie!

Think of all those fashionable things that we are meant to own if we want to be hip and trendy this summer. Denim, lace, Chinese, camouflage. Well I'm sticking to black, as always, but I will be complimenting my wardrobe with Chinese flip-flops and matching bag. Hand-made by Genevieve Steadman, and available mail order (allow 21 days for delivery). Flip- flops come in two styles and bags in two sizes, price from pounds 21.99 (0181 211 8496). I, for one, could not get through summer without these essential items - because I'm a spoilt brat, but that's irrelevant. PS: Genevieve is also a shoe designer and will make shoes to order.

Major shenanigans in Nottingham last week when Paul Smith joined forces with Loaded magazine to celebrate the opening of his True Brit exhibition at the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery. A huge bash was thrown and what fun was had by all the page-three girlies and footballers, not to mention the fashion press, who once they'd downed one too many shots of vodie (which, in order to be consumed, had to poured over an erotic ice sculpture and collected in the region of, well I'm sure you can imagine) got just a tad out of control. Although I'm sure they would not admit to it. Well done chaps.

2 This month sees the launch of yet another fragrance. By Benetton, no less. You will be pleased to know that: "Wearing perfume is as easy as turning on a tap." Okay, why is that then? Because Benetton has produced two complementary fragrances packaged in the form of hot and cold taps. Hot is a perfume with tangy citrus fruits (mmm, tasty) and a hint of rosewood. Cold is a cool combination with bergamot and lavender. "Two fun ways of looking at perfume created especially for the young at heart." Available in Eau de toilette, body lotion, shower gel and deodorant spray.