What's hot, what's cold, what's good, what's bad - Fashion Fandango brings you the latest from the glamorous (I think not) world of fashion

Spotted the man of the moment Leonardo DiCaprio the other night at Browns nightclub - not that I go there often, honest. Fresh from the preview of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Tabbing for Britain (smoking like a trooper) and surrounded by the opposite sex, of course. Still, he deserves it - he is quite handsome.

The sun is out and Ravel has the perfect pair of sandals for all girls who like to be referred to as Dolly Daydream. A woven wedge slingback with that ever-so-fashionable flower (if you can't wear it in your hair, wear it on your feet). Guaranteed to make you smile when if pours with rain at your sister's wedding. OTT, but even if you only wear them once, it's money well spent. Price pounds 59.99, from Ravel branches nationwide. Enquiries: 0171 631 0224.

Saw my old pals at the Benetton Autumn/Winter preview, who rather daringly hired an old tube station for the pleasure. Shame I missed out on the cakes. Gorge knits, in every colour you can think of. Dresses which Margo from The Good Life would die for. Wool shorts to suit any discerning Krankies fan. Thankfully, there were no copulating horses.

Watch out for the sweetest lace pieces from French Connection. Sleeveless shift dresses, pounds 80, and the mini of mini skirts, pounds 45, in baby blue, pink or black. Available from the end of April. Enquiries: 0171 580 2507.

Followed comrade Barbieri's advice from a few weeks back and went to buy a cheong-sam dress (pounds 60) from a shop which will remain nameless in London's Chinatown. Faced with a huffing and puffing, nasty shop assistant, who scared me and lost the sale. Shame. Now have nothing to wear to potential date with Charley Speed (read on).

Young man! Shot with the gorgeous Charley Speed last week (see Ready to Wear, page seven... oh and cK ads, lots of menswear campaigns etc etc). Delightful, down-to-earth chappie. Too busy making him try on clothes to ask him if he had a girlfriend...

Bonded - well not exactly - locked eyes with the rather tatty Liam Gallagher in M&S of all places. Bayswater is definitely the place to go star-spotting. (Hello, sad person.) Escorted by the gorgouis Patsy, of course, who found it difficult to drag herself away from the crisp counter. Watch out Pats, you'll get fat!

Old Calvin has been rather busy this summer, what with his new pong, cK be, and now his cK eyewear. A cheaper, trendier range of specs which are aimed at people "who live for today and people who think modern is the only way to go". In plain English, this means 21 styles from wraps to aviator shapes. Prices from pounds 50 to pounds 97. Enquiries: 0800 722020. And don't forget you guys, "Calvin Klein is an attitude."