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What is it with men's mags? GQ Active was launched at the very swish Donna Karan store last week. Aimed at all you guys who are fitness fanatics with bulging biceps, one would think. So why did they decide to put Bridget Hall, a pussycat of a woman, on the front cover instead of some nice bloke wearing dungarees and a smile? The party was attended by Dani Behr (who, due to the fact she was wearing stilettoes, baulked at the rowing machine installed in the centre of the shop), Lesley Ash with her footballer hubby whose name escapes me and Yasmin Bon Bon. Not forgetting the old bed-them-daily Adam Perry (the one in the left-holding- the-baby-poster), who has slept with 3,000 women. Why on earth did he tell us? Frankly I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole.

What is the fascination with all this cherry stuff? Knickerbox and certain branches of Kookai have devoted their windows to cherries, on bikinis, swimsuits, hotpants and even a sleeveless knit-top with a single cherry printed slap-bang in the middle. Can safely say I do not want to resemble a piece of fruit this summer. You? Whatever next.

Driven insane by a squeaky chitter-chatter mobile-phone user while queuing to purchase new stuff in Kookai a few days ago (okay, so we don't all wear designer labels), I turned to find "It" chick Tamara Beckwith fwah fwahing behind me. Most annoying.

You may have seen the model Elo, he of the Reebok TV ad, who appeared on Channel 4's The Girlie Show a couple of weeks back. He is constantly being mistaken for the delicious, sooper-dooper soul crooner, Maxwell, who, let's face it, has got heaps of style and oodles of talent. Well, Elo, whose dready heady has grown so big for his Reeboks, is thinking of setting his lawyers on anybody who dares to mention the fact they look alike. What a wally Elo, you could have earned a packet opening supermarkets in his place. Oh, and Elo, you look nothing like him. I promise.

Yo Yo Tommy Hilfiger! The man with his figer on the pulse has launched an All-Weather Body Moisturiser. This means that you can use it in the winter and summer, I think. Most importantly it comes in a portable tube, similar to a portable radio, I imagine. It has no sticky residue, soothes, comforts, hydrates etc... And has a flip-top dispenser. Watch out, apparently "Tommy's got us covered". It costs pounds 16 and is now available from most major department stores.

Take note girls. Wouters & Hendrix, jewellery designers with a difference, have an unusual collection of pieces for Spring/Summer. Silver chokers with oval and rectangular pendants, bangles and rings with a beaten-gold finish, delicate necklaces with the longest finest chains that wrap around the neck forever, with crystals in topaz, aqua and rose. Go have a look for yourself. Prices start from pounds 20 to pounds 200 from House of Fraser stores nationwide.

Ding dong - Pats and Liam. I've just realised why they were food shopping in M&S last week. Not because they have to eat like the rest of us but for their secret wedding bash. Crisps, nuts, cocktail sausages, vol-au- vents etc. Yum yum.