If you only ever have one black evening dress, save up and buy this. Much in the news of late as the new designer at Givenchy, John Galliano has made his name in the last 10 years on bias cut slip dresses and romantic bits of fabric that look impossible on the hanger, sometimes need an instruction book, but that transform (as all good clothes should) the wearer.

Few designers can touch Galliano for the sheer theatre he brings to fashion. All right, so it helps if you are very thin and very tall, but this dress is pretty flattering to most figures. Classic, beautiful, sophisticated and generally gorgeous; for pounds 795 it will help you make dramatic sweeping entrances and exits for years to come. Film roles can but follow; forget Badedas, things happen when

you wear a Galliano dress. AB

! Black bias cut satin crepe dress, in sizes 8-12, costs pounds 795 from Joseph, 77 Fulham Road, London SW3 and 23 Old Bond Street, London W1; inquiries on 0171 629 4774