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Never venture into Hermes if you are feeling poor or hard done by, you will only end up feeling worse. Their clothes are divine, their handbags induce bankruptcy and their interior thingeys are olde-worlde and beautiful. These fruit purses are not, perhaps, what you would expect of HairMess, but they are fun for those gals that have nothing else to spend their money on. After all what did you do before fruit shaped purses? I have no idea what makes them so expensive (maybe they are stitched by angels) but they are jolly, and fantastically well made. What the hell, blow a grand and turn your handbag into a fruit salad. AB

Jolly Nice Fruit Purses by Hermes, pounds 340 for the banana and pounds 325 for the watermelon, orange, kiwi or cherry available from Hermes, 179 Sloane Street, London SW1, tel: 0171 823 1014 and 155 Bond Street, London W1, tel: 0171 499 8856