There you are, with pounds 10,000 kicking about in your pocket and nothing to spend it on. Salvation! These Hermes Kelly padlock watches are indeed very different from normal watches and if you can't afford the pounds 10,830 for thediamond- encrusted one (to the left of the picture) then the other two are much cheaper at pounds 4,750 each. You can of course unscrew them and attach them to other straps, to co-ordinate with your outfit perhaps. This makes them very versatile - and to be a touch more original you could consider attaching the watch to a pendant, belt or even the famous Kelly bag that inspired its name. AB

Hermes Kelly watches start at pounds 695 for the gold-plated version (not pictured) from Hermes, 179 Sloane Street, London SW1, tel: 0171 823 1014 and 155 Bond Street, London W1, tel: 0171 499 8856.