Eric Van Peterson sources the stones for his "big" rings - which he has just launched - from around the world. The design of each ring is decided by the colour and shape of the stone, although all are set simply and boldly in silver. Stones that will be available include amethyst, blue and brown topaz, yellow citrine and rock crystal (which looks like a diamond). These are quite, quite beautiful: heavy, stylish, and "smack in the marf" obvious (but in a nice way). I wore the sample for hours, and strange finger showy-offy behaviour overtook me: frenetic pressing of lift buttons; pointing at things for no apparent reason; cradling of chin in pensive fashion - all while lots of people were present. Forget a diamond being forever, get your boy to buy you one of these (cheaper too). When you're talking jewellery, size always counts. AB

Amethyst and sterling silver ring, pounds 500, blue topaz and sterling silver ring, pounds 600, from Van Peterson, 194/196 Walton Street, London SW3, tel: 0171 584 1101. The Van Peterson "big" rings will range from pounds 150 to pounds 700.