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A personal shopping service smacks of "olde worlde" things. It is also a necessary indulgence for people too busy or lazy to get to the shops. Imagine the luxury of someone coming to your home or office with a range of samples for your perusal. Nice, huh? This is the sort of service more smart retailers should think about providing - after all, it's our money they're after. Make them work for it, I say. One company that has caught on is John Lobb. It makes spanking posh classic men's and women's shoes in calf and suede. It only operates in central London, though, which I think is a bit mean, but an experienced shoe fitter will come to you with a selection of 12 styles in different width fittings. Prices from pounds 225-pounds 425, sizes 5-12 in men's, 4-7 in women's.

To make an appointment or for further details contact Peter Opie, John Lobb, 90 Jermyn Street, London SW1 (tel: 0171 930 8089)