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These are glorious pants. Actually they are swimming trunks from the Bjorn Borg (yes, remember him?) range of swimwear. Forget nasty big shorts, or stupid skin-tight pouches. These are the absolute thing to wear on the beach or in the pool because they are so stylish you can't help but pull in them. Borg doesn't just do men's things either, but also bikinis, in a variety of styles for tops and bottoms, so you can mix and match looks and fit. And to complete your Borg look there is underwear, footwear, bags and sunglasses. But it's not all "novelty" stuff; there are plenty of good, basic shapes and colours, but the impressive aspect of this collection is the attention to detail and quality - it is exceptional. AB

Snakeskin shorts, pounds 69.95 by Bjorn Borg, 70 Sloane Avenue, London SW3, tel: 0171 581 0150 for further information or a catalogue. Sizes SMLXL.