"You dancing?" "You asking?" "I'm asking." "I'm dancing." Oh yes, remember the theme song of The Liver Birds, now gloriously revived? This is a stupendous bag to take to a disco and believe me, Sharon Stone would have had this bag in Casino if she'd been able to get to Harrods in time to buy one. I particularly like the "magic hoop" handles which are spot on for style - they were a particular favourite in the Seventies. Beautifully made in glittery knit, this bag also comes in a wrist-strap or shoulder-strap version in a variety of disco colours (blue, pink, silver, gold, white and stripey variations of all these hues). AB

"Lyme" disco bag, pounds 79 from Way In at Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1. Tel: 0171 730 1234.