It may seem a bit early for sunglasses, but there's a point to this. Sunglasses are worn for four reasons: 1. to protect your eyes from the sun; 2. to pose in at clubs; 3: to pose in at fashion shows; 4. to pose in everywhere else. They are usually worn in two positions: 1. on your nose,where they should be and 2. in your hair to hint at that "Darling I'm so busy they've been there since last summer" lifestyle. Ladies and gentlemen, there was a gap in the market and Cutler and Gross saw it: sunglasses that you were never meant to wear. Sunglasses that are, in fact, a hair band. You never knew you needed them, until now.

Cutler & Gross sunglasses headband, pounds 99, from16 Knightsbridge Green, London SW1, in navy/white or white/navy. For inquiries tel: 0171-581 2250