On the street; visits the Big Beat Boutique in Brighton to find out what clubbers are wearing in Britain's coolest seaside town
Will Barraball, 23, from Brighton, works at Gatwick airport for Virgin, wears stripy glasses from Vision Express, T-shirt from the children's section in TK Max, jeans bought second-hand from Brighton market, snake belt a gift from his mother when he was 7, shoes by Buffalo.

"I came down tonight to have a bit of a dance. I haven't been here before because I used to have to get up on Saturday morning to work in Warehouse. I just started a new job on Monday, so it's my first Friday out in ages, I hope to get out more. I must admit you don't see many people wearing children's clothes, I'd like to set a trend. I did have on a tight Superman vest over this top but I took it off because I'd spilt beer all over it. The music here is really good, it's sinking in nicely."

Karen Craig, 23, from west London, self-employed in textiles and fashion for the label Karen Chapman, wears Union Jack jacket from Portobello Market, pink top from Oasis, skirt and trousers own design, jewellery collected over time from India and Thailand, flat elasticated slip-on shoes by Nike.

"I haven't been to the Big Beat Boutique before but I really like the music. I went to college in Brighton and studied fashion and textiles so I've been out in Brighton before. The people in here are friendly and the atmosphere is really chilled. I travel a lot and take inspiration for designs from the colours and fabrics of India and Thailand. I do my own make-up which is a combination of Indian and Eastern. I'm also inspired by Milan, where they have a great selection of fabrics - one of my favourite designers is Marni."

George Chapman, 22, from Wimbledon, student of costume design at Wimbledon Art School, wears vest from the high street store, trousers by Union from Browns Focus, trainers by Nike.

"I'm Karen's partner, the Chapman contribution to the name of the business. I've come here tonight for a relaxed night and some serious dancing. Which is good because the music they're playing is fantastic. I did a bit of modelling today, so I've still got the make-up on from the shoot which saved a bit of time for getting ready. I travel quite a lot to India and Thailand. I've been there looking at fabrics for our collections. There are places I like to shop in London. My favourite places are Portobello market and Berwick Street. They both sell clothes which are different and cater for individual tastes."

`The Perv' from Brighton, 40, host and production manager for the Big Beat Boutique, wears hat from Brighton, black tour T-shirt, Jaeger jacket from Car Coast and jeans from TK Max, both in Brighton, Cowboy boots from a Chicago boot store.

"I am very proud to be a part of Big Beat Boutique. The club and music are good because the DJs are allowed to play whatever they want. To me it's excitement, it gives the DJs artistic licence. I wear this sort of thing every day. I own 20 hats from different countries, most bought in Austin, Texas. I like them because it makes me easily recognisable so, if there's any problem, I can be contacted quickly. I hate spending money on clothes. I'm a magpie when it comes to clothes. It has to be unusual and individual, it must glint to attract my attention."