FASHION: Buy me: No Name wellingtons

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Wellingtons. The word doesn't quite conjure up the same calibre of vision as, say, knee-high rubber boots, does it? But that is exactly what wellington boots are. They have never been perceived as being sexy, and it is highly possible that they never will be. But they are fun, practical and should remind you of those worry-free childhood days when it was hilarious to jump in a huge puddle, just because you had a fab pair of red wellies on.

If you feel like a bit of regression therapy, try No Name wellies for size. Never has the wellington boot had so many incarnations. Hot pink, pearlised yellow, two-tone green and red, and pastel blue are a few of the colour options, with traditional hues completing the palette. The real surprise, however, is the variety of styles on offer. Thigh-high wellies will take fishing into a whole new dimension, especially if you choose to go wading in them, (they don't fit over jeans, so it's jodhpurs or a mini-skirt, girls). Knee-high wellies in the style of riding boots (as pictured) are particularly stylish, and ankle-high zebra-effect wellies are curiously practical on cold, wet and muddy mornings.

Aside from their obviously useful qualities, No Name wellies are childishly cool - if you can enjoy the kid inside yourself. Naturally, they will do the same job as your old green ones, the ones you have been meaning to replace for years, but have never found a good reason to. Now imagine yourself in a pair of hot pink wellies, and chuck those green ones away.

No Name wellingtons start at pounds 34.95 for the ankle boots; Hi Hunter knee- high boots shown are pounds 54.95; thigh-high boots are pounds 69.95. All are available from Freelance 55 Neal Street, London WC2. For regional stockists, call 0171-602 9657.