If you have recently visited the section in Selfridges devoted to Prada's younger sister line, the party girl Miu Miu, you'll be aware of the mini-whirlwind frenzy over the most sought-after accessory of the season: the little sequined handbag. It is the sort of thing you used to hanker after as a child because it is so bright and sparkly. The only drawback, as usual, is the price - more than pounds 100 - and the fact that every fashion victim in town has bought up almost the entire stock of the glittery little blighters already.

By far the best alternative is the pounds 19.99 version from Morgan. Available in bright pink, silver, gold and black, it's the perfect size for a bit of lippie, a small purse and, of course, the essential toothbrush: a great companion for a fabulous New Year's Eve party. And you'll have some money left over for a few drinks and a taxi home.

Available from Morgan, 393 Oxford Street, London W1 and branches nationwide (enquiries, 0171-499 4101). Sale starts today, with reductions of up to one-third.