What they buy and where they get it. Each Monday we look at the consumer habits of shoppers from all walks of life
Name: Sarah Chillington.

Occupation: Paramedic, London Ambulance Service; appeared in TV's Red Base 1 series.

Where do you buy your clothes? Oasis, Next.

Because? I like smart, tailored clothes as the latest skinny look doesn't suit my real-life figure. These shops give enough to suit my taste and my paramedic's budget.

Are your knickers from M&S? Some of them.

When did you last buy clothing from Laura Ashley? This year - a halter- neck dress, by mail order.

Describe the style of your home I like very plain, bright rooms that are uncluttered but still comfortable. I live in a Victorian house and I like to complement it with period furniture with lasting character, rather than modern pieces just because they are fashionable.

Where do you shop for it? Character and originality are the things I look for. Antique markets and shops offer this, as well as a feeling of investment. I don't like disposable furniture.

Chucked out your chintz? Yes!

Describe yourself as a shopper I am a bad shopper, or, more accurately, an impatient one. I don't like the crowds, hassle and bother of it. If I see something straight off I'll buy it. I get no enjoyment from browsing, and I tend to return to familiar hunting-grounds.