Fashion: County and western

Want to keep the autumn chills at bay? Move over hi-tech textiles, this season's look of choice is a new take on good old-fashioned tweed.
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Funny. Twelve months ago, the fashion world was convinced that the future would be bright and we would all be wearing shiny, hi-tech, synthetic fabrics that were all about "performance". These were miracle fabrics that did everything short of iron themselves and make a cup of tea when you came home from a hard day's work. This autumn, however, designers seem to have forsaken futuristic fabrics in favour of good old-fashioned country classics such as wool, felt and herringbone tweed. Tweed, you see, is no longer the sole domain of would-be Miss Jean Brodies. It has been given the street-cred seal of approval by Prada as well as some of the new names in fashion, Seraph, Eley Kishimoto, and Scott Henshall. Tamsin Blanchard

Above left Tweed knickerbockers, pounds 235, by Seraph, from Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1, enquiries 0171-629 1234, The Pineal Eye, 49 Broadwick Street, London W1, enquiries 0171-434 2567; knee-high socks (rolled down), pounds 2, by Aristoc, available from leading department stores, enquiries

01773 525520; shoes by Bella Freud, to order, enquiries 0171-713 6466 Above Tweed puff-sleeve dress, pounds 210, by Eley Kishimoto, from Pellicano, 63 South Molton Street, London W1, enquiries 0171-629 2205

Left from left: blue top, from a selection at Diesel, 43 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London WC2, enquiries 0171-833 2255; moleskin trousers, pounds 160, by Joe Casely-Hayford, from Duffer of St George, 29 Shorts Gardens, London WC2, enquiries 0171-379 4660 and Liberty, 214 Regent Street, London W1, enquiries 0171-734 1234. Sweater, pounds 195, and skirt, pounds 125, both by Scott Henshall, from Liberty, 214 Regent Street, London W1, enquiries 0171-734 1234 or 01429 264599