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Could you tell me where I could purchase Proderm Transdermal, a new sunscreen that protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays for six hours, produced by Zeon Healthcare Limited?

Vicki, via e-mail

First of all readers, I have some exciting news. I have gone global. You can now find me on the internet ( with a new column to complement this one. Especially useful for those of you who can't get their regular fix due to IOS not being sold in Istanbul or wherever. Now then, on with this week's problems. I would be careful of any sunscreen that claims to be effective for hours. I'm sure Proderm is perfectly great - I haven't tried it yet because in order to test sun products one has to encounter some sun. It does claim to work for a "full six hours" and that it doesn't need re-applying after swimming or towel drying. I can support its claim that you can get dressed immediately after applying it, because it sinks right in (it's a mousse) but I have to admit that I like that oily fest because it makes limbs all shiny. So, be cautious and reapply after a few hours/going for a swim until you know it works for you, and don't blithely apply it and then leave your skin to the elements for six hours just because it says it's OK to on the bottle. Proderm Transdermal Sun Protection Mousse is available from Boots, Safeway, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose and Selfridges. It comes in SPF factors 8, 15 and 25. Boots has an additional, exclusive range of After Sun Rejuvenating Mousse, Self- Tanning Mousse and Kids Sun Block Mousse (SPF 30). Prices start at pounds 8.45 for the After Sun and up to pounds 11.99 for the SPF 25/kids' one. Tel: 01608 730805 for local stockists.

Can you suggest a pair of suitably stylish swimming trunks for my husband to wear on the beach?

Jacqueline Foxton, London

My favourites are by CK Calvin Klein or Nicole Farhi. The CK ones are very plain trunks, pounds 50, and come in navy, black, red or white (tel: 0171 408 0166). Nicole Farhi has also done some gorgeous ones in her "Swim" line (tel: 0171 499 8368). They are low-waisted shorts, pounds 89, and come in black, cobalt and dark blue. She's also done some simple drawstring shorts in black for pounds 59 if your husband decides the others are too tight. I know they sound expensive but if you want style, sometimes it costs.

In Australia it's easy to buy an aftershave moisturising cream which has a high sun protection element; despite all the fuss being made in this country now about sun protection, it seems impossible to find such a thing. Can you help?

Derek Parker, via e-mail

You're completely right, Derek, but what's to stop you using moisturiser? You'll have so much more choice. Virgin Vie (tel: 0845 3008020) does an aftershave balm (code 2608-00) that has a low SPF (about 6), pounds 22, but you're much better off using a moisturiser like Lancome's Bienfait Total, which costs pounds 14.50 for a 30ml tube and has an SPF of15.

Do I really need to pack my clothes in tissue paper to stop them creasing? What about rolling them up?

Aisling O'Sullivan, Hay-on-Wye

Lord no, of course you don't. Tissue paper may help stop creasing but by the time you've done it all you'll be in such a stink of a mood that you'll just want to screw up your clothes anyway. Rolling clothes creases them tons; that is an old wives' tale. I find packing and unpacking whilst drinking vodka and tonics is the best way to avoid creases: you just don't see them.

Is there something nicer than plastic bags than I can pack my shoes/leakables in, before putting them in with the rest of my clothes in the suitcase?

Imogen Mann, Bolton

The very best things are StuffSacks (tel: 01277 233122). Made from coated ripstop nylon with a drawcord, they're not waterproof but they are damp- proof and should hold off a leak for a while. But the best thing about them is that they come in different colours so you can find things more easily (ie blue for knickers etc) and they are washable. They come in different sizes too: yellow is the micro size, pounds 1.90; royal blue is large (20L capacity).

Travelling in Australia, I found a fabulous hat made of a pliable grass/straw that could be squashed into bags, sat on, etc, and would always spring back into shape. Can you direct me towards a similar one?

Jackie, Dublin

My favourite of these sorts of hats is from the fab Travel Smith catalogue (tel: 0800 783 3030) which has all manner of travel goods. It does a gorgeous large-brimmed panama hat in three colours, pounds 29.50 (ref: 3924) that you can roll or fold.

I need some vests to take with me on holiday. The straps must be wide enough so that I can wear a bra underneath; they can be either scoop or V-neck and I'd like them to be quite tight fitting.

Betty Mackson, London

The Gap does the best ones although at first sight they look like they're going to have armholes that will be too big, and hence show your bra. But they aren't. Price pounds 12, scoop neck, ribbed cotton in black, beige, dark grey, white, sizes xs-xl (tel: 0800 427 789). Nothing, 230 Portobello Road, London W11 ( tel: 0171 221 2910) also does some great ones that are shorter than the Gap's - pounds 14, not ribbed and with a high V.