here are times I long to be a man. I love the idea of wearing pants quite low on my hips and tight T-shirts like Chachi from Happy Days would wear (round-necked and sleeveless as in our picture) that would sit skinny on my chest, unencumbered by the swell of breasts. In this outfit, I would also be able to ride a motorbike without being a screaming sissy and be able to jump over railings using only one hand.

This summer men have two relatively new looks to buy into that are easy transitions from what has gone on before and therefore not that scary: the cropped trouser and the aforementioned sleeveless T-shirt. (Sleevelessness is big news for men, as even relatively smart shirts get the arms-off treatment - this latter look is not one I recommend.)

All of these looks push menswear into a more casual sphere which is not altogether desirable as I think we are all getting rather sloppy in our apparel. I do long for a man in a crisply ironed shirt and polished Oxfords.

Clockwise from above

Black leather shoes (sizes 7-11), pounds 44.99, Office, 10 South Molton Street, London W1; 3 St Anns Place, Manchester (tel: 0181 838 4447). Charcoal hat (one size), pounds 60, YMC, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1. Cruise, 180-188 Ingram Street, Glasgow (tel: 0171 613 5293). Black nylon shoulder bag, pounds 25, Project A, available from Limehaus, 44 Bridal Smith Gate, Nottingham (tel: 01159 632268). White lace-up shoes

(sizes 35-46), pounds 95, Birkenstock, 37 Neil Street, London WC2 (tel: 0800 132194). Beige linen body bag, pounds 95, Diesel, 43 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London WC2. 8-9 Lower Temple Street, Birmingham (tel: 0171 833 2255). Brown sandal (sizes 6-11), pounds 45, Ravel, 184-188 Oxford Street, London W1. Unit 1, 19 King Charles Walk, The Headrow Centre, Leeds (tel: 01458 444712). White inflatable watch, pounds 150, Airpro by Seiko, stockists nationwide (tel: 01628 770988).

Spot vest (sizes s-xl), pounds 5.99, H&M Hennes, 261-271 Regent Street, London W1. The Trafford Centre, Manchester (tel: 0171 255 2031). Blue tie-dye sleeveless top (sizes s-xl), pounds 26, Jigsaw, 27-29 Brook Street, London W1. 76-80 King Street, Manchester (tel: 0171 499 2521). Khaki vest (sizes s-xxl), pounds 12, Top Man, 214 Oxford Street, London W1. The Forte Shopping Centre, Birmingham (tel: 0171 291 2111). Blue spot sleeveless top (sizes m-xl), pounds 45, YMC, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1. Cruise, 180- 188 Ingram Street, Glasgow (tel: 0171 613 5293).

Stripy sleeveless shirt (sizes s-xl), pounds 46, Jigsaw (as before). Beige shirt (sizes s-xl), pounds 12.99, Rocky at H&M Hennes (as before). Beige v-neck shirt (sizes m-xl), pounds 40, French Connection, 249 Regent Street, London W1. 14-16 St Ann's Street. Manchester (tel: 0171 399 7200).

Stone cropped trousers (sizes 30-36), pounds 115, YMC, Selfridges (as before). Charcoal cropped trouser (sizes 28-38), pounds 28, Top Man (as before). Beige cropped jean (sizes 28-36), pounds 45, French Connection (as before).

White linen drawstring trousers (sizes 32-38), pounds 35, Hyphen at Debenhams stores nationwide (tel: 0171 408 4444). Khaki drawstring trousers (sizes s-xl), pounds 75, Northsails, AV, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Hendon Way, London. Wade Smith, Glacier Building, Harrington Road, Liverpool (tel: 0161 799 1212). Grey cotton drawstring trousers (sizes s-xl), pounds 75, Limehaus, The Dispensary, 15 Newburgh Street, London W1. 44 Bridal Smith Gate, Nottingham (tel: 01159 632268).

White zip-up hooded jacket (sizes s-xl), pounds 120, the Edge, Jigsaw (as before). Pale grey jacket (sizes s- xl), pounds 40, Top Man (as before).