Fashion: Heart and sole

On the street; What would you bid for a pair of old trainers? At a footwear auction, punters talk shoe style.
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Alan Grant, 33, Notting Hill Arts Club director from London, wears Wrangler puffa from Portobello market, second-hand shirt, Australian surfer T-shirt, army combats, Muji hat and Nike tennis shoes.

"I'm not obsessed by trainers: I only have six pairs. The ones I'm wearing are my favourite. They are a re-issue of a 1972 design made famous by John McEnroe. The auction was a lifelong ambition for me and a labour of love. I was bidding for the pair that were donated by Christie's, but I got out-bid. The woman who bought Damien Hirst's shoe got a bargain for pounds 3,500. She's already got a buyer, who'll probably pay thousands - which is a bit of a shame as it could have gone to charity. Some of the shoes, like Mel C's and Naomi Campbell's, were withdrawn from the sale as there were better bids on the Net."

Sarah Vanderbeek, 23, photographer from New York, wears jacket and scarf (presents), headscarf from jumble sale, coach bag from a friend, sweater from Salvation Army, orthopaedic New Balance trainers.

"I'm trying to figure out my next move as a photographer. I mainly do landscape and architecture, but I'm starting a project on street style. I always wear New Balance. I just had a pair of shoes stolen in New York. I put them outside to air and someone lifted them. They were 1985 Air Max. I loved them. I only brought this pair with me to London, but I've got five pairs at home. My clothes are given to me, or bought from charity shops. We have treasure sales in America, when old folks homes sell off clothes to raise money. You can always pick up good stuff. I got a Schiaparelli scarf and this one for a few dollars."

Jamie Stimpson, 22, property dealer from London, wears tie and scarf from Vivienne Westwood, Van Heusen 1960s shirt, Evisu jeans, second- hand coat and Nike Air Max 1995.

"I got some box-fresh 1990 Nike Air Jordans in the auction for pounds 120. I didn't come to buy, but I had to get them. I wouldn't buy trainers to put on a shelf: I want to wear them. The most I've ever paid for a pair was pounds 150 for some limited-edition Reebok Air Pump Furies brought out to celebrate the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong in 1997. I used to be a trainer victim. It wasn't until designers started ripping off trainers that I lost interest. My mum's a triathlete and gets through a pair a fortnight. Her boyfriend bought some split-toe Nikes that I loved a few years ago. He gets really directional ones and sometimes gives me his old pairs."

Claire Kempney, 26, PA for beauty company from Dovercourt in Essex, wears top from H&M, trousers from Gap, Nike watch and Nike Footscapes trainers.

"I work in the City and would love to wear trainers during the day, but it's not really appropriate. I'm obsessed with trainers, but I've only got 60 pairs - most of which were bought in the past five years. I get kids' trainers as I've got small feet, which is always cheaper. These Nike Footscapes are Japanese imports. I've also got some shoes from the States. I've been there twice shopping for trainers. We went 50 miles from New York to a warehouse outlet, which took nearly a day to get to, hitching on flatbed trucks, and only ended up getting two not very exciting pairs. Jeremy has got my whole family into trainers. He is truly obsessed."