Fashion: Just the ticket

On the street; What do tiny tots wear to see the Barney the dinosaur show? Hannah Hunter heads to Wembley Arena to investigate
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Georgina, 4, from Battersea, wears pageant dress, top from Jigsaw, bag from Disney shop.

"She's wanted to see Barney for ages," says Georgina's mother, "and I bought the tickets about four months ago. Baby Bop's her favourite character in the show. She is definitely wearing her own choice of outfit, with frills and rhinestones. She's a fashion victim. She goes to school at Holy Trinity in Battersea and met the Queen, and a person she called the Queen's boyfriend last week." "I prefer Baby Bop to the Queen," says Georgina.

Bronte, nearly 4, from London, wears Lego jacket, rest of outfit from Benetton, shoes from Buckle My Shoe.

"I have a Barney tape at my house. I like Barney, I think he's nice." Bronte's mother, Shireen, says she buys Bronte's clothes anywhere and everywhere, her current favourite being the Lego range. "I work in fashion myself as a designer," says her mother, "but I unfortunately don't have the time to make things for Bronte, although it is something that I'd like to do. Bronte loves Barney and will sing his songs all of the time."

Sam, 3, from Chelmsford, wears shirt and jeans from Timberland.

"He doesn't care about his clothes," says his father, "but I like him to look quite trendy. I spend quite a bit on his clothes, it's nice for him to look colourful and well dressed. I bought the outfit he's wearing today, and his mum buys him stuff, too. The Paul Smith kids stuff is superb, there's a shop that sells it in Chelmsford. He's got a couple of Barney videos and he would sing you a song but he's a bit shy today." "My favourite song is `I love you'," says Sam warily.

Rhian, 2, from Wimbledon, wears coat from Disney Shop, the rest of the outfit is from TJ Max.

"Barney's gone to sleep and I'm cold," says Rhian. "I like Pooh bear, Piglet and Barney." "We've come from Wimbledon with her mother," says Rhian's grandmother, "and we've already had Barney all day. We have him all day everyday. She knows the words to every song. Rhian's dad's waiting in the car - I don't think he wants more Barney. The videos are brilliant, though, if you want a quiet five minutes."