Sequins and boas are the dress code at London's Seventies club Carwash. Melanie Rickey braves the Saturday night fever
Stewart Sutherland 21, claims handler, and Sally Brooks 21, student, both from Maidenhead, Berkshire. Both wear hired outfits from Best Events. Music playing: `And the Beat Goes On', by the All Seeing Eye.

Stewart: "We're here for an 18th birthday party, it's funky, baby! I like getting dressed up, it gets me in the mood for dancing." Sally: "I've always wanted to come here - this is our first time. I love the music, and the dressing up. By day, I'm a Morgan girl, so it's not such a different look."

Jamie Stoddart 18, groundsman at Crystal Palace, from Beckenham, Kent. He wears a sparkly two-piece suit hired for the night for pounds 18 from All Dressed Up. Music playing: `Night Fever', by the Bee Gees.

"I come here every couple of weeks. The atmosphere is really brilliant - I love dressing up and I love the music, and I'll dance to anything. I generally wear jeans and T-shirts, or a uniform for work. My favourite designers are probably Calvin Klein and Versace."

Debbie Crosby 30, display assistant for M&S, from Harlow, Essex. She wears feather boa, pounds 10, Carnaby Street, London, W1; sequin top, pounds 10, River Island; trousers, pounds 40, Hennes; false eyelashes, from a shop in Weir, Lancashire. Music playing: `Instant Replay', by Dan Hartman.

"This look was my own idea. I'm out on my hen and stag night with my fiance, we're getting married in two weeks. We wanted to come here so we could get dressed up

and have a good laugh. I love it."

Katie Boon 22, financial analyst from Essex. She wears sunflower hairclips from Miss Selfridge, top from Australia, pleated skirt from Camden Lock market in London, sparkly nail varnish by Rimmel. Music playing: `Carwash', by Rose Royce.

"Sadly, I already possessed these clothes. Pleats are going to be big aren't they? Pity they are not very flattering. I'm here for my friend's birthday, I love the music, but then I like Abba. By the way, I don't know this man, he is a complete stranger!"