Fashion: On the street - Hearts on their sleeve

The couple that shops together stays together. Four couples talk to Hannah Hunter about clothes, romance and Valentine's Day
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Sian, 27, textile designer from Notting Hill, wears coat from Portobello market, bag and shawl from Picketts, shoes from Russell and Bromley. Jeremy, 25, graphic designer from Bermondsey, wears jacket from North Face, Duffer fleece from Sian, trousers from Gap and trainers from New Balance.

J We've been together almost six months. We met at the Royal College and things have just developed from there. And yes, I did buy Sian the flowers today.

S We're definitely very romantic ...

J Well, I know Sian is anyway.

S We've just had a lovely holiday in Prague together which I think is a beautiful city.

J I suppose that was quite a romantic place to go. I don't know what we'll do on Valentine's Day, probably go out for a meal. I'm sure it will be something special.

Sid, 72, lecturer at Cornell University, wears "no comment" and Lory, 68, retired teacher, wears raincoat from Ithaca, shoes from Tostas, bag from a company in New Jersey, brooch from Israel. Both from Ithaca, New York.

S We're on holiday here for two weeks, and have really come to go to the theatre. You do it so much better here than in New York.

L We've been to a few stores. I haven't bought anything yet, although I'm sure I will.

S I don't know what we'll do for Valentine's - I'm usually working.

L We often forget that it's Valentine's, though we sometimes go out for dinner.

S We'll have been together for 50 years in 2000, so I think we're allowed to forget Valentine's Day. I'm not a great romantic myself, but I think that Lory is.

L That's the usual arrangement isn't it?

Terry, 29, computer operator, wears jacket from Portobello market, shirt "present from mum", boots from Jana and trousers from Camden market. Jana, 31, assistant to designer Alexander Campbell, wears coat from Camden market, boots from Red or Dead, sunglasses from Gucci and bag from Prada.

T We've been together since 21 February last year. We met in a bar in Westbourne Park. I couldn't find anyone for Valentine's Day itself!

J We're going to a Valentine's party at the Ministry of Sound. My ideal Valentine's day would be a room in a nice hotel in the West End with lots of champagne.

T We are quite a romantic couple, and spend weekends at home with lovely food.

J I buy presents for Terry, sometimes clothes, like the boots he's wearing today.

Chris, 30, travel agent from Frankfurt, wears trousers from Boss, jacket from Germany, scarf from Benetton, shoes from Patrick Cox. Peter, 22, art student, wears trousers from Helmut Lang, coat from Portobello market, top from Dolce & Gabbana, scarf second hand, shoes from Clone.

C Last year I got him flowers and he didn't get me anything.

P It's not a big custom for me. Every day should be Valentine's Day, not just one a year.

C We've been going out for two years now. We met through friends in Frankfurt, and moved to London together.

P I think we're a very romantic couple.

C Well, we're sometimes romantic - we went to the Cotswolds for a weekend together recently which turned out to be pretty romantic.