Fashion: On the street: Out to lunch

Gucci, Valentino, Armani, MaxMara - Knightsbridge ladies wouldn't pick at a low-fat salad in anything less. By Melanie Rickey
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Mary Quinn 53, interior designer, wears top by Oasis, trousers by Sportmax, handbag by Dior, sunglasses (in hand) by Gucci.

"I keep fit so that I can dress in any way I choose. My favourite look is elegantly casual, and because I travel a lot with my husband, I tend to dress that way often. I prefer Joseph or Italian labels when I'm in casual mode, although for evening and luncheons I wear Valentino, Chanel and a designer called Vicky Tiel who does these fab evening dresses which are fitted to you. They are so chic. I shop in Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Joseph. In fact, I couldn't do without them."

Victoria Vanderbilt 40-something, wears sunglasses by Gucci, dress by Diana von Furstenberg, handbag by Mulberry.

"Shopping here is too expensive, I do it in LA where I spend most of the year. But I do take my tips from Britain. I read an article in Vogue about Diana von Furstenberg being back in business, so I went to a store and bought three of her dresses in a sale - they are extremely comfortable, and remind me of my youth. I tend to go for conservative Italian designers like Armani and Valentino for formal events. In general I stick to buying quality clothes that last, but I do splash out for special occasions."

Karin Jamotte 47, jewellery entrepreneur, wears sunglasses by Polaroid, vintage Fifties blouse by M&S, trousers from Paris, amber necklace from South Africa.

"I like Christian Dior circa 1950, but that's as far as me and fashion go. My mission in life is to be happily dressed on a budget. You know, I'm not really from Knightsbridge, and I'm certainly not a lady, but I'm being a lady-who-lunches for the day. I grew up in the Congo, and that has translated into a love of vivid colour. I like to put a mood together, and it has to be detailed to make an impact. I suppose I'm a chameleon. All the world is a stage, isn't it?"

Mirella ("Please, no surname"), 40-something, psychiatrist, wears sunglasses by Byblos, suit by MaxMara, blouse by Yves Saint Laurent, handbag by Guess.

"I love fashion, especially Armani for formal events. I used to model for him when I was in my twenties. On the high street Karen Millen is always good for basics. My favourite shoes are JP Tods, in fact I am going there now to buy some beige suede driving shoes. I often shop at Harvey Nichols, and I buy Italian labels like MaxMara and Byblos partly because I'm Italian, but also because their clothes are good quality, comfortable and stylish."