Fashion: On the street - Time for a change

Four women were photographed before and after a make-over at London's Cover Girls salon. Hannah Hunter heard their stories
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Deborah Cosgrove, 20, English student, from Colchester, wears fleece from Hope and Glory, combat trousers and top from Oasis.

"I was approached at University by people from an agency who were offering a discount on the make-over. It was such a bargain that I couldn't refuse. I wear clothes from all over, from Byblos to Oasis, but I don't tend to like much from the high street. For the make-over they give you a form when you arrive, and you have to tick boxes, to say how you want to look, from your clothes to your hairstyle. My mum said she'd like a picture, and so did my boyfriend, so I'll probably have to buy a few - you don't see the pictures until the end of the day when there's a special screening. I enjoyed the whole experience and I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

Alison Colville, 32, client services manager for a recruitment consultants, from Sidcup, Kent, wears green suit and shirt from Evans.

"My friend Amanda told me about this place - she got her make-over as a present from her husband for Christmas, but I bought it for myself. Some of my friends have had it, and I really liked their pictures. Doing this makes you feel very vain - it's a lot of money to spend on yourself for one day. Hopefully, I'll get some good prints that I can have at home. It will be a nice thing to look at when I'm older. I did have a lovely day - it was really good. They had me in feather boas and everything. I certainly know how to pose now, as we were shown by the stylist exactly what to do. I don't know whether I'll see the pictures today or come back later."

Sally Ann Rose, housewife, from Hertfordshire, wears brown trousers and top from Morgan, shoes from Bertie.

"It's my daughter's fault that we're here. She bought a make-over for herself and decided to get me one too. I was very shocked when she told me, and didn't know what to make of it. I get most of my clothes from Morgan and Oasis. My younger daughter, who's now 13, used to be a child model, and the nearest thing that I've done to having professional pictures is a shoot I did with her for a magazine, years ago. Today they got me to do some very weird poses, but the photographer and stylist were very discreet about the whole thing and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I did love the whole thing in the end."

Rebecca Oxley, 20, from Surrey, student in social and political science at St John's College Cambridge, wears coat from River Island, trousers from Benetton, shoes with Pro Mod.

"I haven't had professional pictures taken since I was really little, so today should be interesting. Nine of my girlfriends bought me this for a present, including Alexis who's also here with her mother, Sally Ann Rose. We've been shopping this morning, and I got some things from Morgan, one of my favourite shops. I would have it done again, but I'd prefer to use my own make-up, as this was a bit heavy. Unfortunately, as we have to wait for two hours for the prints I won't be going out tonight. I'm exhausted anyway after today - I didn't realise that this kind of thing could be so tiring."