In the first of a new series on fashion celebrities' wardrobe secrets, Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead fame talks to Holly Davies about his closet secrets and admits to being a complete clothes junkie, having never thrown a piece of clothing away in his life.

"My absolute favourite piece of clothing has to be my Blue Peter woolly jumper. I bought it when I was a teenager from a jumble sale 19 years ago. I first wore it when I was a student in London and I thought then it looked a bit grungy and a bit funny. My wife hides it now. I haven't worn it for about three years but discovered it tucked up in the back of my wardrobe three weeks ago. It's like an old comfort blanket, it's shrunken and got holes in it. I still wear it because it appeals to my sense of irony. A 37-year-old in a Blue Peter jumper I think is completely sad but brilliant!"