Fashion: out of the closet

This week Holly Davies talks to Suzanne Clements of design duo Clements Ribeiro to discover what's lurking in the back of her wardrobe
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"At the moment I have no wardrobe secrets. We are just about to move house and I'm seven months' pregnant.

I've been living in four bias cut dresses that I made up out of scraps in the studio. My cashmere cardigans still fit me just about, I've got bags of them - I'm a bit of cardi queen. After every collection I get them made for me in every colourway

The only thing I can still wear from my original wardrobe is my red Comme des Garcons dress - I love it, it's virtually the only coloured piece I wear now. I've discovered that black really is a slimming colour, so now most of my clothes are black and long.

The collection we've just finished for Autumn-Winter ended up with quite a few long black things in it, which is very "un-us". I generally find the tighter the clothes the better - I can't bear the thought of looking like a tent. Everything has to be really practical too, which means all my fab Manolo Blahnik shoes are out. Our manufacturer is making me some cashmere baby clothes that I'm really excited about - we're going to have little matching outfits. It sounds really naff, but I can't wait."