Fashion Special: Beauty queen

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THIS YEAR, I'm hoping for roses. Not the long-stemmed, extortionately- priced variety but one of the rosy-scented potions which leave a lingering perfume that's a proven stress-reliever and, Beauty Queen's Prince Consort might care to note, a proven aphrodisiac. "Rose is one of those ingredients that never go out of fashion," says perfume designer Azzi Glasser. "It's a classic and it connotes beauty, seduction and femininity - and, so long as the extract is a natural rose, it's great for the skin." So, how very clever of Dr Hauschka to put together three of their cult rose products - body oil, hand cream and a body lotion - in a Rose Gift Box (pounds 45). Laced with rose petal extracts from both the Rosa Damascena and Rosa Gallica, Dr Hauschka's rose products have a rich and naturally sweet scent; for a subtler, greener rose, REN's new Damask Rose Ramnose Biosaccharide body cream (pounds 23) will soften dusty winter skin and promises to stimulate endorphin release - all far sexier than its clunky name. Finally, if my Valentine wishes to present me with a gift that says both "You are like a perfect dewy rose to me" and "You have open pores" (which I agree isn't the ideal scenario), he could seek out Sanoflore's rose toning lotion (pounds 11.95). Made by a French organic beauty company, this rose water and aloe astringent is packaged in a handy spray can, allowing full facial spritzing with a lovely over-ripe rose scent. Although a bunch of flowers wouldn't go amiss, either.

Dr Hauschka stockists: 01386 792 642 or REN stockists: 0845 2255600. Sanoflore at Sephora: call 020-7253 2194