Fashion: Tunnel visions

On the street; What is the smart Eurostar traveller wearing and what's in their luggage? Hannah Hunter heads for Waterloo
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George Moyce 61, retired, from St Helena, suit and shirt from tailor in St Helena "many years ago", hat from Kangol.

"I am travelling around the world with my wife Coral and our friend Edith. We have been in England for a while and are going to go to Australia, Hawaii, the US, and back to England after that. My hat was pounds 35 and I bought it in Shepherd's Bush. I've had this suit for years. I have travelled in it before. Its American style is very comfortable on long journeys. My tie was a present, from St Helena, and my shoes are from home. I've got gifts for my relatives in my luggage along with lots of fruit to eat on my journey."

Bettina Kaijnult interior designer, from Paris, suit from Plus Mode, top from Petit Bateau, umbrella and shoes, "can't remember".

"I have a house in Paris and work there, and one in the country. I travel between them and come to London about twice a month. I'm just here for the day, so my bag only contains things for work. My suitcase broke this morning so I have to drag this horrible bag. I buy clothes that I like, not designer. My suit is from a department store. I brought my umbrella with me as it was raining in Paris and I thought it would be here, with England's famous bad weather."

Philip Charlesworth retired, from Yorkshire, wears jacket, trousers and shirt from Daks, hat and tie were gifts, shoes from Clarks.

"I am visiting a small village near Rhiems where my father was taken prisoner by the Germans in the war, to see some of the things he may have seen. I'm only taking a simple overnight bag, with pyjamas, washbag and a change of clothes, as I'll only be staying a few nights. This is my summer raincoat, that I've had for a while, and I chose this lightweight trilby in brown to match my shoes. I have all of my suits and trousers made by a tailor in Huddersfield who deals with Daks and who is very good."

Anoruo Aloysius 40, transit agent, from Paris, shirt and suit from La Redoute, coat from Printemps.

"I'm in London to visit my family. My cousin married recently and I am meeting his wife for the first time. We are having a big celebration and I have bought lots of French wine. It's cheaper to bring the alcohol from France. I am wearing the sort of clothes I would wear for work, and everything was bought in Paris. I don't wear designer clothes, I just buy things from normal shops. I will be buying clothes in England - the last time I was here, I got some shoes. I feel the English are a very stylish people."