Stain your skin with henna "tattoos", they won't scar and are hip in Hollywood
DEMI MOORE, Madonna, Mira Sorvino and Liv Tyler are all at it. They have found Mehndi, the traditional Indian henna "tattoo". While the stars have their favourite designs painted by experts, there's a DIY version to try out at home. If you need a hobby, or just have a lot of free time, then you too can try the Mehndi body painting kit.

With a two-hour resting time for the little plastic cone of henna, eucalyptus oil and magical "mixing crystals", and a two-to-eight-hour drying period, it is surprising that most of the patterns are for the hands. If you don't suffer from mundane worries such as turning on the TV or going to the toilet, then go for it.

The plastic "piping" cone is very tricky to use, and I had to resort to using cocktail sticks and pins to spread the paste. Practice hard, be willing to make some long-lasting mistakes, and you too can look like a movie star.

The Mehndi body painting Kit is available from bookshops, or Books by Post, 01624 675 137, and costs pounds 12.99.

Hannah Hunter