Fashion: What's hot - High-low shoes

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WHEN the new big-mouth, all-hype-and-no-trousers designer Jeremy Scott sent his models down the catwalk wearing one shoe higher than the other at his Paris Fashion Week show, "Contrapied", last month, little did he know he was about to instigate the Next Big Trend in footwear.

The designer's trousers featuring one leg shorter than the other have already attracted a cult following. But fashion victims, hungry for the new lop-sided shoe look, are doing it for themselves, while Scott's challenging styles, by Christian Louboutin, won't hit the shops next September.

Already, doctors are expressing concern about the potential for spinal injury in young people wearing a 6in platform on one foot and a flat pump on the other. Ambulances in the fashion capitals of the world are said to be on alert for emergency calls from people who have simply fallen over in their shoes and are unable to stand up again.

Meanwhile, the waiting list for Scott's new high-low shoes is growing...