Prior to the in-cosmetics beauty fair in Paris, beauty experts are seeing a trend towards "extreme ethical beauty" and natural ingredients.

Cathy Laporte, the event's marketing manager, told Relaxnews about some of the most exciting product launches at the fair: there will be three new skin nutritionals derived from Australian 'Aboriginal super fruits' (those naturally high in anti-oxidants) by Southern Cross Botanicals, Mibelle Biochemistry will premier PhytoCellTecTM Alp Rose, an active formula based on the stem cells of the Alpine Rose, a flower that grows above altitudes of 3,200 meters, and ISP will, among others, launch StratixylTM, a functional botanical that helps skin to build its natural barrier.

And while all of the above releases are quite out of the ordinary, Laporte says that many products will be derived from a lot humbler naturals, including vegetable-based extracts such as those from tomatoes, peas, broccoli and bean sprouts.

"We have seen a shift, especially during the recession, towards traditional products that have a sense of authenticity about them," Nica Lewis, head consultant at Mintel Beauty Innovation told Relaxnews. "It was a trend we saw developing back in 2007 and highlights the demand amongst consumers for products that they know work..."

Ethical beauty seems the logical extension of that trend, as Lewis confirmed: "In the past we used to see products that weren't tested on animals, but we're now seeing a shift towards products that are completely free of animal ingredients and therefore suitable for vegans."