Aging, whitening, and acne 'hottest topics' at leading Asian beauty fair

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The Asian edition of beauty conference in-cosmetics, scheduled to take place in Bangkok in early November, has identified three key areas of interest for the Asian beauty market: skin-whitening, anti-aging, and anti-acne.

Skin-whitening, which is worth $18 billion on the continent alone after experiencing rapid growth since the 1970s, will be addressed by various experts in the field with talks on antioxidants or non-invasive measurements of skin color, for instance.

Asia-Pacific is also the second fastest-growing market for anti-aging products, making it a promising region for international skincare brands to tailor their offers to.

The third key area, acne, is of particular interest due to local conditions, according to the organizers:  "Pollution and humidity [have] aggravated skin problems for many people, meaning almost 80% of the population now suffers from acne and demand for medicated skin care and anti-acne treatments has soared."

Commenting on this year's focus on facial beauty, in-cosmetics Asia exhibition manager Sarah Gibson said: "Facial Beauty is a concern for all women and men in Asia; as such it is the pivotal theme of the conference. [...] The Conference will provide the greatest opportunity for participants to get under the skin of the market through a comprehensive overview of the very latest trends and scientific developments sweeping the Asian Cosmetic Industry."

The event takes place November 2-4. More information can be found at