Australia sells straight off the runway and presents a new supermodel

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While Australia did not just make positive headlines for fashion-forwardness in the past, there are some noteworthy things happening at its fashion week right now that could have Down Under labels come out on top.

Designer Rosemary Masic of Nevenka angered the international community by telling the Sydney Morning Herald in March that she only produced clothes of up to size 14 (US size 10) because she didn't want to "endorse unhealthy living," and up until now, not much else has been associated with Australian fashion other than Ugg boots and bikinis.

But this Rosemount Fashion Week - named after a wine brand, not a place, the event takes place in Sydney - things are starting to look different. Not only did organizers invite the top league of international fashion bloggers (Garance Doré, Scott Schuman, Susie Bubble) for some fresh air, one brand called Ellery also offered high heels directly off the runway, a move pioneered by famously forward UK brand Burberry, which sold its trenches after the show.

Monetizing on the currently-so-popular livestreams, Ellery navigated its viewers towards another page where the shoes seen in the show could be purchased, directly after the broadcast had finished - a model that could prove immensely successful in the future.

Another name worth noting is that of Samantha Harris, a 19-year-old model who is booked for almost 20 shows during the fashion week that ends May 7. Without a doubt the most successful local runway model of this season, Harris is not only celebrated for her striking features but also for potentially becoming the first Aboriginal supermodel. Her portfolio can be found online at